Update #9 – The Story for May: Wilcox Weekend, NYC Debuts, and a precious, important workshop!


Just finished a poetry & music workshop with Mrs. Melinda Morris at PS 7. It was by far the most rewarding experience Ruby (guitar) and I have had. I was terribly inspired by the light within each student. Everyone had written such beautiful, fun, quirky, and eloquent pieces. It was my honor to put a melody to their words and share the joy music can bring. I look so very forward to a repeat next year.


Headed to Asheville, NC for Wilcox Weekend. A “bliss portal” as Sir Wilcox has dubbed it himself. Can’t wait to be amidst kindred spirits and good music.

This month I’m also aiming to begin finding a band. I’ll be collaborating with musicians throughout the month. Fingers crossed!

May is full of fortunate debuts. The 12th, I’ll be at The Path Cafe and the 31st I’ll be at Caffe Vivaldi. I’ll be auditioning for Music Underground NYC on the 19th. Wish me leg-breaking? Click here for more info for these dates and next months shows!

Thanks for checking in ūüôā


Update #8 – Sold Out Joe’s Pub, EP Released, Short film, Printwork, and a Tour?

It’s been some time since I posted here! The good news is…though I haven’t been actively posting, I’ve remained actively doing and being :). Here’s what’s happened since my last post!

  • I released my Debut EP “Where I Need” to a Sold Out Joe’s Pub (The Public Theater) on February 17th 2015. It was one of the craziest evenings of my life!

crowd review

  • I filmed a short titled “Black, Two Sugars” with Red Lipped Rebellion Productions opposite the ever lovely Samantha Shane, directed by the 100% rad Cristina Henriquez.¬†crowd review 2
  • Booked and shot print work for Bowlmor Lanes (an adventure indeed – getting paid to play laser tag and bowl? yes, please!)

Now, I’m gearing up for a few more adventures. In talks with the oh-so-talented Thomas DeGrezia for a short film as I set up a mini-mid-atlantic tour to promote “Where I Need”. My goal is to hit a few cities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina, and Tennessee! I’m also keeping up with “Lyle in May” (my first screenplay) while learning the ropes of a venue through my internship at City Winery. Updates shall ensue!

As always, thank you for reading :)!

Update #7 – New Tools, New Project

It’s been a minute! Here are some updates.

“New tools”

  • Currently editing my reel with¬†new footage from “Mother” and “Sofia, Mon Amour”
  • Just booked a session with David Noles in February for new headshots

“New Projects”

  • Began my first screenplay tentatively titled “Lyle in May”
  • Booked a “microshow” at Mobtown that will happily suffice as the acoustic counterpart to my Full band EP being released February 2015

Wrapped two shows this past month – our 1 Year Old Acoustic Soiree celebration at People Lounge and a benefit for Ebola Relief at Toshi’s Living Room. ¬†Grateful to keep up a rhythm. Will update again soon!

Update #6 The F Word Doc!

Just performed a tune at Joe’s Pub for¬†Meganda Films’ premiere of The F Word Documentary. The true renaissance woman and chief visionary for the documentary, Megan Segarra, asked me to contribute a song. I was moved solely by the request and after viewing the documentary I couldn’t be more grateful to be involved. ¬†Check out the trailer below where you can learn more about the documentary (and hear my original tune “Brother/Sister of Mine”!). Photos of the premiere are also below!

joes pub the f word 4joes pub the f word 2 joes pub the f word 3

Update #5 – Banned Book Series!

Hey! Just wrapped up a Banned Book Series event with the oh-so-lovely Nicola Murphy at the beloved Aubergine Cafe is Sunnyside, Queens. It was a special evening, to say the least. I was fortunate to return to my favorite Queens neighborhood/former home while meeting the vibrant personas and talents of Anna Paratore, Katy Wright-Mead, and David Beck.

The event was recorded, so, hopefully I’ll have some footage to share next month (if not sooner!). A photo below show the whole gang¬†along with Aubergine’s owner, Gary.

Still fighting a pretty gnarly cold but, planning to have a video up next week covering a tune : ). Thanks for checking in!

Banned Book Series

Update #4 – Mixing EP & Soiree

Howdy! Still delayed with posts as I’ve continued to be quite busy.

Just had my first film premiere! It was sold out an Anthology Film Archive (folks were sitting on the steps!). The film is titled “Mother” directed by Franz Maria Quitt starring Darlene Cates (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape),¬† Ryan Jonze, Alexander Rolinski, and myself. A special day to say the least.

Currently in the mixing phase of my debut EP “Where I Need” with Simon & Mat (who are talented beyond belief!).

Lastly, played a successful Acoustic Soiree the other night with Simon, Lindsay, and new soiree-et Ricci Swift. All uber talented folks complimented by a beautiful audience. Excited for the next one which will be a bit unique. Will update soon!


Update #3 – Back in NYC!

Been a bit all over since returning to the Big Apple. Just wrapped a film titled “Sofia, Mon Amour” (an incredible experience) and also had the privilege to¬†perform at Joe’s Pub again for their Talent Show. I’m about to¬†revamp of The Acoustic Soiree¬†with good pals, Simon Pyles and Lindsay Dunphy and¬†continue to work on finalizing my Debut EP set for a late 2014 release! Videos of new tunes and covers will commence soon again! Aiming for October! Photos from latest works/performances are below. Thanks in advance for taking a gander!

Joes Talent Show IMG_2180 IMG_2423