Update #4 – Mixing EP & Soiree

Howdy! Still delayed with posts as I’ve continued to be quite busy.

Just had my first film premiere! It was sold out an Anthology Film Archive (folks were sitting on the steps!). The film is titled “Mother” directed by Franz Maria Quitt starring Darlene Cates (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape),  Ryan Jonze, Alexander Rolinski, and myself. A special day to say the least.

Currently in the mixing phase of my debut EP “Where I Need” with Simon & Mat (who are talented beyond belief!).

Lastly, played a successful Acoustic Soiree the other night with Simon, Lindsay, and new soiree-et Ricci Swift. All uber talented folks complimented by a beautiful audience. Excited for the next one which will be a bit unique. Will update soon!



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