Update #8 – Sold Out Joe’s Pub, EP Released, Short film, Printwork, and a Tour?

It’s been some time since I posted here! The good news is…though I haven’t been actively posting, I’ve remained actively doing and being :). Here’s what’s happened since my last post!

  • I released my Debut EP “Where I Need” to a Sold Out Joe’s Pub (The Public Theater) on February 17th 2015. It was one of the craziest evenings of my life!

crowd review

  • I filmed a short titled “Black, Two Sugars” with Red Lipped Rebellion Productions opposite the ever lovely Samantha Shane, directed by the 100% rad Cristina Henriquez. crowd review 2
  • Booked and shot print work for Bowlmor Lanes (an adventure indeed – getting paid to play laser tag and bowl? yes, please!)

Now, I’m gearing up for a few more adventures. In talks with the oh-so-talented Thomas DeGrezia for a short film as I set up a mini-mid-atlantic tour to promote “Where I Need”. My goal is to hit a few cities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina, and Tennessee! I’m also keeping up with “Lyle in May” (my first screenplay) while learning the ropes of a venue through my internship at City Winery. Updates shall ensue!

As always, thank you for reading :)!


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