Update #9 – The Story for May: Wilcox Weekend, NYC Debuts, and a precious, important workshop!


Just finished a poetry & music workshop with Mrs. Melinda Morris at PS 7. It was by far the most rewarding experience Ruby (guitar) and I have had. I was terribly inspired by the light within each student. Everyone had written such beautiful, fun, quirky, and eloquent pieces. It was my honor to put a melody to their words and share the joy music can bring. I look so very forward to a repeat next year.


Headed to Asheville, NC for Wilcox Weekend. A “bliss portal” as Sir Wilcox has dubbed it himself. Can’t wait to be amidst kindred spirits and good music.

This month I’m also aiming to begin finding a band. I’ll be collaborating with musicians throughout the month. Fingers crossed!

May is full of fortunate debuts. The 12th, I’ll be at The Path Cafe and the 31st I’ll be at Caffe Vivaldi. I’ll be auditioning for Music Underground NYC on the 19th. Wish me leg-breaking? Click here for more info for these dates and next months shows!

Thanks for checking in šŸ™‚


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