Hello! My name is Kaylyn Marie. I’m a New York based singer/songwriter/actress originally from Maryland.

Recently, I was asked:
“What best motivates you to take action?”
My impulsive response:
“Witnessing people doing what they love and connecting with others.”

This helped me realize that a great deal of self-motivation is within my daily reach. It also helped me  confront the truth that I haven’t sincerely been “reaching”.

I’m definitely among the masses that fear the decline of empathetic intelligence resulting from the internet and cell-phone era. I’ve spent a good amount of time contemplating ways to save the human race from turning into an idle circus of texts and “likes”.  Despite the luxurious cons, social media and networking has undeniable plus sides – my most prized one being: It’s almost too easy to share work and progress with those you appreciate while also tuning  into their work and progress. So, why not healthily take advantage of it all? Additionally, in asking myself this question, I discovered that (sometimes) one of the best things you can give a creative mind to ensure action, is a deadline.

So, my goal with “Sip & Sing”,  is to strengthen my consistency as a writer and performer by posting a cover,  snippets of a live show, or drafts of new originals as frequently as healthily possible.

I thank you greatly for stopping by and challenge you to navigate your means of motivation and map them into a route of  taking action. Send me an update on what you discover – I’m all for new stories.

My sites and social media bonanzas are linked below for any more info/work you’d like to check out:

MUSIC: http://www.kaylynmariemusic.com
ACTING: http://www.kaylynscardefield.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kaylynmariescardefield
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/kscardefield



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